Fast Software Encryption 2007

March 26-28

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg



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26 March, Monday
8:00 - 8:45 Registration
8:45 - 8:55 Welcome notes
Rolf Tarrach, rector of University of Luxembourg
8:55 - 9:00 Overview of the submissions and the review process
Alex Biryukov
Session 1. CRYPTANALYSIS and DESIGN of HASH FUNCTIONS (I) (chair: Bart Preneel)
9:00 - 9:25 Producing Collisions for PANAMA, Instantaneously
Joan Daemen and Gilles Van Assche
STMicroelectronics, Zaventem, Belgium
9:25 - 9:50 Cryptanalysis of FORK-256
Krystian Matusiewicz (2), Thomas Peyrin (1), Olivier Billet (1),
Scott Contini(2), Josef Pieprzyk (2)
(1) France Telecom RD, Issy les Moulineaux, France
(2) Department of Computing, Macquarie University, Australia
9:50 - 10:15 Grindahl — a family of hash functions
Lars R. Knudsen, Christian Rechberger, Soren S. Thomsen
Technical University of Denmark
Graz University of Technology
Technical University of Denmark
10:15 - 10:45 BREAK
Session 2. STREAM CIPHER CRYPTANALYSIS (I) (chair: Willi Meier)
10:45 - 11:10Overtaking VEST
Antoine Joux (1,2) and Jean-Rene Reinhard (3)
(1) DGA
(2) Universite de Versailles St-Quentin-en-Yvelines, PRISM
(3) DCSSI Crypto Lab
11:10 - 11:35Differential-Linear Attacks against the Stream Cipher Phelix
Hongjun Wu and Bart Preneel
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
11:35 - 12:00Cryptanalysis of Achterbahn-128/80
Maria Naya Plasencia
12:00 - 14:00 LUNCH
Session 3. THEORY (chair: Tetsu Iwata)
14:00 - 14:25How to Enrich an Enciphering Scheme's Domain
Thomas Ristenpart and Phillip Rogaway
University of California San Diego
University of California Davis
Chiang Mai University, Thailand
14:25 - 14:50Security Analysis of Constructions Combining FIL Random Oracles
Yannick Seurin (1,2) and Thomas Peyrin (1,2)
(1) France Telecom RD, Issy les Moulineaux, France
(2) Universite de Versailles Saint-Quentin, France
14:50 - 15:15Bad and Good Ways of Post-Processing Biased Random Numbers
Markus Dichtl
Siemens AG
15:15 - 15:45 BREAK
Session 4.1. FAST TALKS: BLOCK CIPHER CRYPTANALYSIS (chair: Pascal Junod)
15:45 - 16:00Improved Slide Attacks
Eli Biham and Orr Dunkelman and Nathan Keller
Computer Science Dept., Technion, Israel
Dept. of Electrical Engineering ESAT/SCD-COSIC Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
Einstein Institute of Mathematics, Hebrew University, Israel
16:00 - 16:15A New Class of Weak Keys for Blowfish
Orhun Kara, Cevat Manap
Tubitak UEKAE pk 74, 41470 Gebze, Kocaeli/Turkey
Session 4.2 FAST TALKS: BLOCK CIPHER DESIGN (chair: Pascal Junod)
16:15 - 16:30The 128-bit Blockcipher CLEFIA
Taizo Shirai (1), Kyoji Shibutani (1), Toru Akishita (1), Shiho Moriai (1), and Tetsu Iwata (2)
(1) Sony Corporation
(2) Nagoya University
16:30 - 16:45New Light-Weight DES Variants Suited for RFID Applications
Axel Poschmann, Gregor Leander, Kai Schramm, Christof Paar
Horst-Goertz-Institute for IT-Security, Ruhr University Bochum
27 March, Tuesday
Session 5. BLOCK CIPHER CRYPTANALYSIS (chair: Lars Knudsen)
9:00 - 9:25A New Attack on 6-Round IDEA
Eli Biham and Orr Dunkelman and Nathan Keller
Computer Science Dept., Technion, Israel
Dept. of Electrical Engineering ESAT/SCD-COSIC Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
Einstein Institute of Mathematics, Hebrew University, Israel
9:25 - 9:50Related-Key Rectangle Attacks on Reduced AES-192 and AES-256
Jongsung Kim and Seokhie Hong and Bart Preneel
CIST, Korea University
CIST, Korea University
COSIC, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
9:50 - 10:15Detailed Analysis on XSL Applied to BES
Chu-Wee Lim and Khoongming Khoo
DSO National Laboratories, Singapore
10:15 - 10:45 BREAK
Session 6. STREAM CIPHER CRYPTANALYSIS (II) (chair: Kaisa Nyberg)
10:45 - 11:10On the Security of IV Dependent Stream Ciphers
Come Berbain and Henri Gilbert
France Telecom RD
11:10 - 11:35Two General Attacks on Pomaranch-like Keystream Generators
Hakan Englund, Martin Hell, Thomas Johansson
Department of Information Technology, Lund University, Sweden
11:35 - 12:00Analysis of QUAD
Bo-Yin Yang, Owen Chia-Hsin Chen, Daniel J. Bernstein, Jiun-Ming Chen
Academia Sinica, National Taiwan University
UI Chicago
National Cheng Kung University
12:00 - 14:00 LUNCH
14:00 - 14:50 Invited talk
Jean-Charles Faugere
RUMP SESSION (Chair: Joan Daemen)
15:00 - 16:00 Rump session
16:00 - 19:00
19:30 CONFERENCE DINNER in the Bourglinster castle
28 March, Wednesday
Session 7. CRYPTANALYSIS of HASH FUNCTIONS (II) (chair: Mitsuru Matsui)
9:00 - 9:25Message Freedom in MD4 and MD5 Collisions: Application to APOP
Gaetan Leurent
9:25 - 9:50New Message Difference for MD4
Yu Sasaki, Lei Wang, Kazuo Ohta, Noboru Kunihiro
The University of Electro-Communications
9:50 - 10:15Gröbner Basis based Cryptanalysis of SHA-1
Makoto Sugita, Mitsuru Kawazoe, Hideki Imai
Osaka Prefecture University
Chuo University
10:15 - 10:45 BREAK
Session 9. THEORY of STREAM CIPHERS (chair: Orr Dunkelman)
10:45 - 11:10Algebraic Immunity of S-boxes and Augmented Functions
Simon Fischer and Willi Meier
FHNW, Switzerland
11:10 - 11:35Generalized Correlation Analysis of Vectorial Boolean Functions
Claude Carlet, Khoongming Khoo, Chu-Wee Lim, Chuan-Wen Loe
University of Paris 8 (MAATICAH), also with INRIA Project CODES (France)
DSO National Laboratories (Singapore)
Session 10. SIDE CHANNEL ATTACKS (chair: Jin Hong)
11:35 - 12:00An Analytical Model for Time-Driven Cache Attacks
Kris Tiri (1), Onur Aciicmez (2) , Michael Neve (1), and Flemming Andersen (1)
(1) Intel Corporation
(2) Oregon State University
12:00 - 14:00 LUNCH
Session 11. MACs and SMALL BLOCK CIPHERS (chair: Stefan Lucks)
14:00 - 14:25Improving the Security of MACs via Randomized Message Preprocessing
Yevgeniy Dodis and Krzysztof Pietrzak
New York University
ENS Paris
14:25 - 14:50New Bounds for PMAC, TMAC, and XCBC
Kazuhiko Minematsu and Toshiyasu Matsushima
NEC Corporation
Waseda University
14:50 - 15:15Perfect Block Ciphers With Small Blocks
Louis Granboulan and Thomas Pornin
Ecole Normale Superieure and EADS
Cryptolog International (Paris, France)
15:15 Workshop closing
Jean-Claude Asselborn
Extra sightseeing activities with luxembourgian guides