How to watch

Online (a big click-to-play window)

You need Quicktime player to see a streaming video. After installing just click and play. If you do not hear the sound, try reloading the page.

Offline (a link to a mpeg4 file)

In order to download the full talk, right click on (Slides+Video) and choose "Save as". To watch it you need both a usual Quicktime codec and a specific plug-in (Intel or PowerPC version, 7 MB). The plug-in allows you to see the video and slides simultaneously. By clicking on the small video or slides screen you can expand them (in this or this way) to the whole screen.


If you would like your slides or video to be removed/added to the site please write to the FSE 2007 webmaster at khovratovich/gmail/com.

Rump session slides and videos are presented here.


We would like to thank SIU and especially Michael Carpentier for shooting the videos.